Within the ever-changing global economies often arise anomalies that ultimately can be captured as investment opportunities. Univest Group actively leverages its extensive global partnerships and seasoned network to systematically identify; directly access and efficiently short list the most unique opportunities in these evolving international markets. Resulting in Univest Group facilitating these rare opportunities on an exclusive basis to its clients worldwide. Univest Group is proud to bridge the gap between the East and West and provides its clients in the MENA region with direct access to capitalize on these attractive investment opportunities at the right stage of investment.
Since its inception in the year 2001, Univest has identified and successfully completed deals worth more than USD 535 million.
Univest’s completed deals and expertise cover a wide range of sectors.
At Univest we have put together a team of specialized experts covering all areas of business related to our group from asset management, private equity, corporate
finance and research .
Univest currently has 17 employees and is growing rapidly.
Private Equity

USD 268 million
Corporate Finance

USD 147 million
Assets Managment

USD 17 million
Completed Value

USD 445 million